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Transport Facilities

Transport Facilities


College Bus facilities are provided form various destination to ensure safe and comfortable journey and time management. Bus facilities to the college premises from Coimbatore, Avinashi, Pollachi, Udumalai, and Kangeyam are available. Students are asked to make use of the facility. Students are allowed to travel by college bus with the given bus pass and they have to renew their passes within the due date.

ROUTE NO:11 (Avinashi –SCAD Campus)

Ainashi Old Bus stand – Ammapalayam – Kumar Nagar – Pushpa Theatre - II Railway Gate – Rakkiyapalyam Pirivu – Thennampalyam – Veerapandi Pirivu – Arulpuram – P.Vadugapalayam – SCAD Campus

ROUTE NO:12 (Coimbatore –SCAD Campus)

Town Hall – Singanallur – Ondipudur – Ravathur Pirivu – Sulur Aero – Karanampettai – Paruvai – Karadivavi – K.Ayyampalayam - Min Nagar – SCAD Campus

ROUTE NO:13 (Pollachi–SCAD Campus)

Pollachi Bus stand – T.Kootampatti – Negamam – Senjeri Pirivu – Sulthanpet – Vellappan Naickan Pallayam – Lakshmi Naicken Palayam – Sellakarickal – Mallegounden Palayam – SCAD Campus.

ROUTE NO:14 (Udumalai –SCAD Campus)

Udumalai Bus stand – Pethappampatti – Gudimangalam – Jallipatti – Varapalayam – Nallurpalyam – Kethanur – SCAD Campus

ROUTE NO:15 (Kangeyam –SCAD Campus)

Kangeyam Bus Stand – Avinashipalayam – Pongalur – E.Vadugapalyam – Palladam – KSN Puram – Semmipalayam – SCAD Campus.


Gandhipuram, Somanur, Mangalam, Perumanallur, Dharapuram


  1. Every student has to have his/her Bus Pass when travelling in the college bus.
  2. Whenever necessary the students should produce their college Identity Card as well as  the Bus Pass
  3. Settle accordingly in the seats allotted.
  4. Travel only in the college bus allotted to you and not in any of the college buses.
  5. Arguing or quarrelling with the any of the staff, students or the drivers in the college bus is strictly prohibited.
  6. Indiscipline activities such as singing or forming gangs, making noises and unwanted gestures in the bus are strictly forbidden.
  7. Respect the staff, and drivers.
  8. Unpaid passengers or friends are strictly prohibited in travelling in the college bus.
  9. Usage of tobacco products, alcohol or any objectionable drugs while travelling in the bus is strictly prohibited.
  10. Boarding and de-boarding should be in the allotted particular terminus in the scheduled time.
  11. Involvement in Ragging activities is forbidden. ( ragging is an unbailable offence)
  12. Initiation   of celebrating of birthday parties, bus day, etc; should be avoided.
  13. The fare will not be refunded when cancelling the bus pass, if misbehaved.
  14. Settle the queries and problems of the bus through  the proper channel in the form of a discussion and don’t involve in arguments
  15. Self discipline is important for every individual.

If the institution finds any one guilty of any of the above offence, the individual should be ready to accept all kinds of action including the issue of transfer certificate.