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Premier Education

Education means to contribute the past happenings to present generation and design a perfect future in the form of learning. The knowledge, skills and qualities of an individual is in turn is transformed into a study to a particular society or clan. This transformation again moves to a vast field of research and training. Education often takes place under the guidance of others.Education plays a fundamental role in the construction of a good society. Education helps individual to discover one's self, one's nature and identity that is necessary to be able for one to appropriately participate and do his part properly to maintain harmony in a society.

Every individual is born unique. This uniqueness is his/her identity. It is his/her nature. However this nature needs to be discovered. It needs to be known. This is where education plays its key role. Education is a process by which an individual discover his/her own self. The knowledge of oneself is the knowledge of one's gifts, skills and nature that are very much significant in hi/her relation towards others and eventually to society. Education is a process of self-knowing.

The wisdom behind the education's role is when everyone knows himself, his nature, and gift; one is expected to do his nature or his part. When one is doing what he is supposed to do, there would be a complete harmony in society. Just like saying that when everything is in its proper place and performs its respective task, then the whole work is accomplish smoothly and effectively.

It is a task for every educational institution to see to it that individuals attain self knowledge or self excellence. The attainment of such determines one's place and role as well as his identity in a society. Thus everything needed in building a good society will follow accordingly. The balance of demand and supply of labor is determined and is maintained naturally if the inherent role of education is satisfied.

To conclude SCAD Institute of Technology proves the fundamentals of education to be the core for every student of its soil. The vision and mission of this reputed institution is to ‘reach the unreached’ and ‘to support the physically challenged to challenge the world with the imbibed quality education’.The process of training helps the trainee to uncover his or her skills and expertise through series of evaluation and assessment. Everybody has respective role and place in the realization of goals and dreams.